Rent your properties with Apartbeach

¿Do you have a house, apartment, or villa you’re not using? With Apartbeach you have the possibility of making profit off of it. Because you have the opportunity to rent your properties in Salou and all Tarragona in a simple and easy way.

In Apartbeach we will fully manage it, so you won’t have to worry at all. We will seek out the tenants and take care of your home as if it was ours. ¿Would you like to know more?

Advantages of renting a property for holiday use

Perhaps you have a beautiful apartment by the sea that you go to rather exceptionally. Or maybe that farmhouse touching the Mussara mountains that you seldom visit. Renting your property is a wonderful option not only to breathe some life into it, but also so it’s profitable for you.

With Apartbeach we offer the chance to obtain profit for your investment. Whether it’s rented during holiday season or all year round, you will get to make up for the different maintenance expenses and taxes, as well as earn some monthly extras.

Furthermore, small fixes or important remodelings will be carried out so it’s always ready. From changes in bathroom fittings, renewal of household appliances, and even gardening, all so the future tenants will be comfortable and want to return.

¿What does Apartbeach do for your property?

For everything above and much more, Apartbeach offers you a magnificent opportunity to rent your properties in Salou and the rest of the Province of Tarragona. Our clients who are owners already enjoy all the conveniences and benefits we offer them. Get to know what they are:

The management of bills and payments

When your property is rented, Apartbeach will take charge of the full management of the expenses. You won’t have to talk to the tenants, we will take care of the payments.

Cleaning and maintenance of your housing

We will keep an eye out so the maintenance of your property is always adequate, fixing all the possible damages produced, no matter the cause. We will keep it tidy, clean and faultless to attract all the tenants looking for a home as incredible as yours.

We remodel your housing

If there is any need for a remodelling in your property for rent in Tarragona, in Apartbeach we will assist you to make it perfect. We will manage the changes and improvements needed for your property to get it ready for renting as soon as possible.

We make short term and long term contracts

Be it a rental of days or weeks up to several months long. And, why not, even years if the need arises. In Apartbeach we have in mind your renting preferences to offer that type of accommodation you like the most and most beneficial to you.

¿Shall we talk?

Don’t wait any more: if you have a property to rent in Salou, Vila-seca, Reus or any other town of the Province of Tarragona, we will be delighted to manage it for you. You only have to contact us and we will make sure your investment is totally worth it.

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