Adventuring activities in the Mussara mountains

Adventure activities in the Mussara

For those seeking adrenaline and fun, the Mussara mountains offer the perfect space for all sorts of adventures. There’s no need to go to crowded places to experience via ferratas or paragliding, in the Costa Daurada we also have them.

The Mussara mountains are less than 20 minutes from Tarragona and Salou. There are many businesses dedicated to the arranging of all sorts of activities, no matter the amount of participants, their age, or experience in adventure activities.

What adventure activities can you do in the Mussara?

From peaceful trails to almost flying like a bird, the array of adventure activities in the Mussara is fairly wide. It’s ideal for a trip with friends, or a family outing, if you choose the proper activities.

Hiking trails

The Mussara, and the mountains of Prades in general, are the ideal getaway from the big cities. The natural surroundings are fantastic, with diverse small villages scattered about and that barely amount to a thousand people altogether. 

In many points of the roads crossing the mountains, as well as in the villages, sprout an assortment of hiking trails to follow. You’ll explore from north to south, east to west, all the beauty and abundance of the local forests. 

Vía ferratas, abseiling and climbing baptism

For those seeking more daring paths, the rocky walls of the Mussara mountains have different areas enabled for climbing. Some vía ferratas are suitable for all levels of experience, though they must always be done with a professional instructor.

You can also practise abseiling and climbing baptism, learn how to use the different safety tools, and perform the basic descent techniques. Because once you’ll give it a try, you’ll want to do it over and over again.

Horse riding trails

For both adults and children, but especially the latter, interacting with animals is an essential experience in life. Horse riding outings allow children to become familiar with this gentle animal, riding on its back and and opening up their curiosity for nature.

Horse riding trails through the Mussara mountains follow simple and crowdless paths. The horses are already trained and used to it, so no experience is needed to guide them through. Children will also learn what cares and grooming routines are done so these animals are both happy and healthy.

Survival activities

Would you be able to tell where’s the north and where’s the south? Can you find a way with just a compass and a map? Survival activities are not only fun, but will also improve many abilities and skills that can be useful in real life.

Some adventure activity businesses in the Mussara organise these orienteering lessons. You’ll have to go down a path only marked on a map, going through different checkpoints, and accompanied by your children or your friends.


Last, but not less impressive, it’s possible to fly over and get a bird’s eye view of the Mussara mountains with a paraglider. With a professional pilot, you’ll be able to ride on these flying devices and awe at the big forest expanse covering this territory of the Costa Daurada.

From the heights of the Mussara mountains you will also be able to gaze upon the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the cities of Reus, Cambrils, Salou and many others. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s an essential activity for one of the last days of your trip in the Costa Daurada.