Aquópolis Costa Daurada

Aquópolis Costa Daurada

The Aquópolis Costa Daurada water park is a great way to have a refreshing splash when the sun is at its brightest. With a wide variety of pools and slides to jump down, it’s an ideal place for a fun family day.

Despite being located barely 100 metres away from the beach, Aquópolis Costa Daurada visited daily by tons of people. Don’t miss the chance to learn about all the rides and enjoy from an unforgettable family day.

¿What is Aquópolis Costa Daurada?

Aquópolis Costa Daurada is a water park located La Pineda, Vilaseca. It’s situated right by the town 's beach, barely 100 metres from the shore. Its location is perfect if you decide for one of our holiday rentals in the same town.

The water park as expansive as 10 acres. Inside the venue there’s a good bunch of slides for every taste, pools of different depths suitable for the entire family, and a wide variety of services.

It also has the only dolphinarium in the Costa Daurada, where kids and adults will be able to approach these majestic sea creatures to get to know more about them and their way of life. Without a doubt, an unforgettable experience for the perfect holidays.

¿What can you do in Aquópolis Costa Daurada?

The rides in Aquópolis Costa Daurada can be split according to their intensity, that can be high or moderate. It’s important to keep in mind the minimum height requisites each one has. Moreover, there’s also a wide area with facilities for the smallest of the family.

Kamikaze is the fastest water slide in the park, while in Boomerang you’ll slide atop an inflatable down a U shaped slide in which you’ll be thrown up and down. Another slide worth your time is Black Hole, also on an inflatable, where you’ll slide down practically in the dark and awaken all your senses.

You can alternate the former rides and other high intensity ones with a few moderate ones, like the classical wave pool. There’s also the combined slide Speed Race, where all the participants will slide down at the same time to compete for fastest one, or Vulcano River where you’ll slide down ferocious river currents.

Regarding rides for children, Aquópolis Costa Daurada has a mini park to the brim with slides, zip-lines, fountains, waterfalls and much more. And for those that are even smaller, there are areas with barely any water depth where they can play along with their parents, have fun splashing and improve their swimming skills.

Combining the fun of the water rides with the dolphinarium is the best way to experience both adrenaline and culture. Getting to know these beautiful marine mammals will awaken the curiosity of the children.

Aside from all the aforementioned, in Aquópolis Costa Daurada there’s also an interesting variety of restaurants so you won’t have to exit the park to have a meal, as well as shops, lockers, deck chair rentals and a vip area equipped with huts, balinese beds and many more luxuries.