Karting Salou

Karting Salou

Karting Salou is one of the most thrilling, fun and exciting activities to experience if you’re on holidays. Ride on these karts and face off against friends in the wackiest races you can imagine.

Whether car races are your hobby or you just like having a thrill, Karting Salou is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of the good weather and the best fun during your holidays in the Costa Daurada.

What is Karting Salou?

Karting Salou is a business located at the outskirts of said town and that has all types of events and activities related to karts. Participants will be able to enjoy a few hours on the wheel through a very challenging, daring, and exciting racetrack.

This motor racing discipline is the foundation of the world of motors, so it’s widely acknowledged by elite sportsmen. Both Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso have supported this sports activity, and have made it rise in popularity among those with a passion for cars, as well as those simply looking for some fun.

In Karting Salou you’ll find a unique driving experience for both you and your family. This business offers two different tracks, several kart choices suitable for all ages and a few complementary activities to the race tracks.

What can you do in Karting Salou?

In Karting Salou you have two tracks to put to the test according to the driver’s age: a 300 metres long one, suitable for children and teenagers; and another 900 metres long, ideal for adults wishing to put the pedal to the metal .

The 300 metres race track is for the junior and children’s circuit, since the karts they’ll drive are the smallest and adapted for it. They have less power and more manoeuvrability, as well as the right security measures so all you’ll have to worry about is having a good time.

On the other hand, the 900 metres race track is perfect for competing with friends. The minimum age is of 14 and the karts are for adults, as well as double seated karts where couples, or parents and children, can share those moments chock full of excitement.

Karting Salou has group offers, where different rating dynamics are introduced and will make the experience even more intense. Moreover, in the venue there are also leisure rooms, bar service, and the impressive slingshot, in case you haven’t had enough speed with the karts.