Outing to the Niu de l’àliga

Niu de l’Àliga and Alcover

Fans of hiking will find in Niu de l’Àliga the perfect excuse to go on a walk. This natural area in the province of Tarragona is wonderful for having a family day, especially when the weather is welcoming and makes you want to surround yourself in nature.

Niu de l’Àliga is the preferred hiking place of most inhabitants Tarragona and its surroundings, given its closeness to big cities. But tourists of the Costa Daurada can also discover these charming and unique retreats.

What is Niu de l’Àliga?

Niu de l’Àliga is a waterfall in Alcover, a village in Tarragona. Affixed to a mountain range, and just a few kilometres away from the seashore, the area has been set with different hiking paths, one of the most well known the one that leads you to that place.

The path to Niu de l'Àliga is a 3,2 kilometres long trail to get there, and the same amount for the full round trip. You may choose between a tougher and steep path, or a simpler one. The tracks are appropriately marked, and there are passes and bridges in certain spots to allow the entire family access.

Since the area is also part of the river Glorieta valley, it’s also possible to stop by the Glorieta springs. In order to best enjoy this spot, as well as Niu de l’Àliga, its best to set out early in the morning, especially in summer: many hikers show up to cool down in such refreshing waters.

What can you do in Niu de l’Àliga?

The Niu de l’Àliga waterfall leads down to a natural pool where the water is cold for most of the year, but that become much more pleasant in the hottest months. That’s why many hikers take a bath in them through the long journey up.

The clear water, the shuffling of the waterfall, and the surrounding nature make a fantastic relaxation spot. Kids can safely play, have a picnic and get to know better the flora of the province of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada in general.

You can also take advantage of the trip to visit the Hermitage of Remei, a baroque building from the end of the 18th century. Visiting its interior is as fascinating as seeing its surroundings, where there’s a perfect restaurant to have a taste of the local gastronomy.

In Alcover there’s also a small and homely Museum of Natural History of Alcover. It’s located in an antique bourgeois house and in it you can walk through different rooms to discover more about world and human history.

Another homely and very interesting activity is the visit to the Honey Museum-House, a dedicated space to this sweet and sticky product and to its producers, the bees. In the guided tour, the owners will will tell you in full detail the creation process of honey, and the intriguing work of apiculture.