Outing to the Siurana reservoir

Siurana reservoir

The Siurana reservoir is one of the most visited natural areas in Tarragona during all seasons of the year, but especially when the weather is welcoming. Because with the summer heat, you can do adventure activities and bathe in its waters.

Those visiting the province of Tarragona and wish for unconventional holidays can pass by the Siurana reservoir. You’ll be able to gaze at a gorgeous landscape, have fun, and even taste the local gastronomy.

What is the Siurana reservoir?

The Siurana reservoir is located in the Priorat comarca, in the south of Catalonia. Its name comes from the same river that fills it up, since it’s a hydroelectric structure initially built in 1960 and finished in 1972.

It has a capacity of 12,43 hm³ and the dam 's foundation has a height of 62,74 m. It’s waters are clear through most of the year, as well as being surrounded by a natural environment carefully preserved and protected.

The Siurana reservoir is within domains of the Siurana village, located at the top of a rocky formation. The village was once one of the main residences of the moors at the beginning of the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula. Nowadays it’s inhabited by barely 50 people, and has quite an amount of tourists.

What can you do in the Siurana reservoir?

There’s a great amount of activities to do in the Siurana reservoir. To begin with, it’s where the Nautical Club of Cornudella is located, promoting sports such as rowing and kayaking, among similar.

Secondly, some businesses on adventure tourism take advantage of the nice weather to to organize outings and courses in water activities, such as kayak routes through the waters of the Siurana reservoir. Moreover, the rocky walls surrounding the village are wonderful to practise rock climbing.

But for those seeking more peaceful activities, around the reservoir there are hiking trails suitable for the entire family, such as the one that takes you to Toll de la Palla and ends in a well deserved visit to the village of Siurana. 

In said village you will be sent to a trip through medieval times, since all the elements date to that era and are exceptionally preserved. You can visit the ruins of the arabic castle and the Church of Santa María, as well as wander through the village’s stone streets.

You can appoint guided or theatrical visits, being a wonderful way to learn more about the history and culture of the Siurana village. You’ll also discover more about the DO El Priorat with some wine-tasting. In Siurana there are also a couple of very remarkable restaurants.

During the visit at the village it’s possible to stumble upon several overlooks, gazing upon the entirety of the Siurana reservoir from up high. Visits offer a special show both at dawn at at dusk.