Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada

Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada

In the Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada motors roar and the town of Salou becomes a central piece in this grand spectacle. Because lovers of motor racing, speed and thrills will become another reason to visit this corner of the Mediterranean Sea.

During several days you’ll be able to attend and see how the different contestants of the Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada will race across the tracks like a flash. With Apartbeach you’ll have your holiday lodgings right besides it so you don’t miss a single detail of the race.

What is the Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada?

This is one of the trials that are part of the World Rally Championship (WRC). The Costa Daurada, and more specifically Salou, is the cosen town to be the centre of this activity since the year 2005.

This automobile trial takes part during the month of October every year, during a weekend. They use as a base the parking of PortAventura Park, enabling the spectators to approach the different set up sections to observe carefree a spectacle both safe and bombastic.

The Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada has a history of more than 50 editions, although they haven’t always been set up at the south of Catalonia. Previously the track went across the Costa Brava, but after a few changes imposed by the FIA it was decided to move it to its current locationl.

One of the most remarkable elements of the rally trial in Salou is that it utilises mixed tracks, that is, pilots must race through both segments of dirt and pavement. This makes the adaptation to the entire track fundamental to earn the victory, making it an even more spectacular race.

What can you see in the Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada?

During a weekend in October, Salou becomes the worldwide centre of rally trials. All visitors in Salou, Tarragona and the Costa Daurada will be able to learn even more about this motor sport and what surrounds it.

Spectators wishing to enjoy the Rally Catalunya-Costa Daurada only have to approach the enabled spaces for it. The race can be watched during the three weekend days in different places, according to the segment being raced across at the moment.

As someone interested in the world of motor racing you’ll find races charged with emotion, adrenaline, and a lot of fun. The roar of the motors, in combination with the agility of the pilots, will fill those who can enjoy a good race with pleasure. And for those curious is a wonderful way to get closer to sport that catches the attention of thousands of people in the world.

You can also seize the chance to visit PortAventura Park, since this is a reunion place for all the pilots and rally teams. Getting to know how they work and then experiencing even more thrills and fun at the amusement park. During these days there are exhibitions of historical cars in Salou, as well as an endless amount of activities related with this hobby.