Trip to the Ebro Delta

Outing to the Ebro Delta

The Ebro Delta is one of the favourite tourist destinations for many thanks to its natural environment and cultural value. Located south of Tarragona, almost an hour away, it has a great amount of space for all sorts of activities and tours.

If you’re on holiday in the Costa Daurada, you can’t miss spending a day discovering the beauty of the Ebro Delta, losing yourself down the different trails, or signing up for a guided visit around the Natural Park. And let’s not forget the local gastronomy, specialised in fish, seafood, and rice.

What is the Ebro Delta?

The Natural Park of the Ebro Delta it’s located at the mouth of the river Ebro, the widest river in Spain. It expands over 7736 acres and was declared a natural park the year 1983. Its shape of an arrow, symbol of this delta, penetrates almost 22 kilometres into the Mediterranean Sea.

This is one of the biggest wetlands of Spain, as well as one of the most important in all Europe. Its natural wealth, both in flora and fauna, lives in perfect harmony with all the different towns and inhabitants that draw on the riches of the delta.

In the Ebro Delta more than 300 bird species are sheltered among its vegetation, sand, and rice fields. The colossal rice plantations respect the Natural Park, forming a bond attractive to both the inhabiting fauna atractivo and the people working in them.

What can you see in the Ebro Delta?

You can go on many types of outings at the Ebro Delta, depending on the preferences of every person. There are hiking trails, ideal for a family stroll, but you can also visit the Natural Park by car or by ship.

All these outings will lead you to discover the saltwater areas, the riverside forest, and the shifting dunes. You’ll also be able to observe, among other bird species, flamingoes, that an certain times of the year reunite at the Ebro Delta before resuming their yearly migration towards Africa.

It’s also possible to bathe in the different beaches of the delta, although it’s important to identify those that are prearranged for it, since others are restricted areas where protected species set up their rearing sites.

Sport tourism activities, specifically kitesurf, are a perfect choice to have a great day and take advantage of the calm waters of the Ebro Delta. The ruling wind currents make practising this sport very commonplace.

Lastly, you can’t leave the Ebro Delta without having a taste of its food. Rice is the main ingredient of their dishes, since it is a local product. Along with fish and seafood, meals in the south of the Costa Daurada are as tasty as irreplaceable.