Xtreme Park Costa Dorada

Xtreme Park Costa Daurada

Xtreme Park Costa Daurada is the best opportunity to show who’s best to your friends. Because in this place you’ll be able to have obstacle races, play paintball and try bubble football all while having a good laugh.

Just between Salou and Cambrils, you can have a wonderful sports day, packed with adrenaline and fun, in Xtreme Park Costa Daurada. Moreover, you can also stay for lunch there and taste an incredible Argentinian grill.

¿What is Xtreme Park Costa Daurada?

Xtreme Park Costa Daurada consists of approximately 10.000 square metres of arrangements for all kinds of activities. Based on the inspiring classic show “Takeshi’s Castle”, those brave enough to visit will have to make show of their best physical skills.

It offers a wide variety of activities suitable for all ages. These can be used as simple fun, such as for bachelor parties, but it’s also a great opportunity for those businesses looking to do some teambuilding between their employees.

With time they’ve been expanding the catalogue of activities, as well as improving the already available setups and their enjoyment for the participants. because, after a wild obstacle race, there’s nothing better than a refreshing shower and a beer while the meat is being barbecued.

¿What can you do in Xtreme Park Costa Daurada?

The catalogue of thrilling activities that can be experienced in Xtreme Park Costa Daurada include your run of the mill paintball, with two sceneries built out of wood, straw and other urban obstacles. 

For those who aren’t so fond of shooting, but still want to compete in teams, bubble ball brings classical football to the extreme for a unique match. Players, inside giant bubbles, will have to push their rivals to take the ball and score.

The wipeout games are paths through inflatable buildings where participants will have to succeed in different trials to earn points. There’s also the aquatic version, for the hottest summer days, as well as one suitable for children.

Similar to the previous there’s the Xtreme Race, an obstacle race where participants will have to put their physical, acrobatic and mental skills to the test. They’re much alike the well known Spartan Race, but way more fun.

For those looking for calmer activities, there’s the Torre de Babel and the Xtreme Maze. The first one is a escape room type of game where the objective is build a tower and slowly find the mysteries it hides. In the second, the Xtreme Maze, you’ll venture inside a labyrinth of lasers you’ll have to avoid to get the final prize.

And all the previous activities are topped with the Argentinian grill, since Xtreme Park Costa Daurada offers bar and restaurant service for all participants. You’ll be able to taste flavourful barbecued meat you’ll be eager to devour after building up your appetite with all the adrenaline.

In conclusion, Xtreme Park Costa Daurada is a fascinating experience for groups of friends, big families, bachelor parties and for businesses seeking to strengthen teambuilding.