Holy Week in the Costa Daurada: unforgettable holidays

Holy Week in the Costa Daurada: unforgettable holidays

¿Do you plan to spend the Holy Week in the Costa Daurada? Since during this holiday period leading to summer many warm weather activities resume, it’s a fantastic moment to have fun in this corner of the Mediterranean Sea.

In Apartbeach we encourage and help you to find all you can do during Holy Week in the Costa Daurada. Because it is worth planning your getaway and having fun, learn culture, and relax all at the same time.

¿What can you do in the Costa Daurada during Holy Week??

Well within spring, and with nice weather returning, Holy Week is the perfect holiday season for a getaway in the Costa Daurada. There aren’t many tourist crowds, which allows you to comfortably experience any type of activity.

Visit PortAventura World

Visiting PortAventura World is one of the activities you can take part in the Costa Daurada during Holiday Week. Usually, the reopening of the thematic parks is planned around this time of year, so it’s a great opportunity to spend the day from ride to ride.

PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land are the ones opening, while for PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park we have to wait until the beginning of summer. Despite the pleasant weather, the temperature isn’t yet the ideal one to have a splash down its rides and in its pools.

Check out the cultural and religious activities

For those seeking something less active and something to see in the Costa Daurada unique to Holy Week, it’s a good moment to explore the cultural and religious activities done in different neighbouring towns.

In Tarragona the Santo Entierro is celebrated, a procession considered Fiesta Tradicional de Interés Nacional (traditional celebration of national interest) that has a tradition of almost 500 years. It’s celebrated during Good Friday and goes across the Parte Alta of Tarragona. A remarkable element of this spectacle is the Ancient Roman troop “Els armats” that accompanies the drums, Nazarenos and “porteadores”.

Another religious act worth witnessing during Holy Week is the procession of silence in Reus. On Thursday night this procession goes through the streets of the Baix Camp capital in absolute silence, with only the light of the torches and the thunder of the drums. 

But there are also other towns with noteworthy celebrations during Holy Week. Without having to go too far, villages like La Selva del Camp celebrates the Vía Crucis, and in Cambrils, Riudoms and even towns near the Ebro Delta there are Holy Week religious shows to see in the Costa Daurada.

Take advantage of the good weather to go to the beach

Because the sun starts warming up, the cold mornings are followed by a warm noon and the hours of sunlight increase. The Holy Week is a good opportunity to visit the best beaches of the Costa Daurada.

All the seaside towns start preparing the beaches for the arrival of tourists and neighbours that wish to enjoy the pleasant weather. That’s why during this short holiday period of time you’ll find the smooth and golden sands of the Costa Daurada perfect and untouched.

It’s true that the water night still be a bit cold, since the summer heat hasn’t yet warmed up the Mediterranean Sea, but you won’t be able to resist having a swim. Take advantage of the hottest hours of the day to have fun at the beach, and with many other activities.

Taste the marine gastronomy and much more

If there’s something we take pride in here in the Costa Daurada its of our marine gastronomy. Be it Cambrils, Salou or other coastal towns you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants offering the best bounties of the sea.

Lobsters, cuttlefish, mussels, calamari, groupers, monkfish, sardines and many more can be combined in savoury fish grills. Combine them with alioli and romesco sauces, area tradition, and you’ll have to roll out of the restaurant. Although there’s no need to leave aside the paellas and other rice dishes, ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

A traditional dish in the Costa Daurada that you won’t be able to skip are the calçots. It’s true that they’re more a beginning of the year meal, but during Holy Week you can still taste them for the end of season. Cooked over coals, they can even possibly become your favourite dish.

Lastly, we cannot forget about the wines. In the Costa Daurada we have 5 denominaciones de origen (designation of origin): Tarragona, Priorat, Penedès, Terra Alta and Conca de Barberà. The white wine makes an excellent pairing for the grilled fish, while the red wine complements perfectly the calçots and the barbecued meat.

Outings and hiking paths

Another thing we can brag about in the Costa Daurada is of our natural areas. We have both sea and mountains, the latter being an ideal place to wander about for a day through the many hiking paths.

Those that like nature will find that the outings are one of the best things to do in the Costa Daurada during Holy Week. The Mussara mountains are the favourite destination of those seeking this sort of experience.

In Mussara there are villages such as Prades o La Febró, barely inhabited but perfect to just park the car and get lost in the natural surroundings. It’s also possible to enjoy from adventure activities in these mountains, such as via ferratas and climbing.

A bit farther away, but still quite accessible, is the Siurana reservoir. Being able to explore the gorgeous village that gives it its name aside, in its calm waters it’s possible to go on kayak tours or simply hike through different paths within in this idyllic place.

Enjoy these activities and much more with Apartbeach

In Apartbeach we’d love for you to take pleasure in all these experiences in the Costa Daurada. That’s why we offer you the best holiday apartments so you’ll have the Holy Week activities much closer to you.

Contact us and we’ll recommend you places to visit, restaurants where to eat, shows you shouldn’t miss and everything else you need to know about the Costa Daurada to have an unforgettable holiday. ¿What are you waiting for?