The most beautiful villages of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada

The most beautiful villages of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada

The most beautiful villages of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada

The combination of seaside and mountainside make the Costa Daurada an exceptional place for the holidays. If you add to that a visit to the prettiest villages of Tarragona, you’ll be able to make the most out of all the beauty of their landscapes.

From seaside towns to the deepest within the mountains, there’s a large amount of charming settlements to discover, stroll across, and get to know. With the holiday housing of Apartbeach you’ll have all the accessibility to enjoy of the Costa Daurada to the max.

Horta de Sant Joan

Horta de Sant Joan is one of the most beautiful villages of Tarragona during spring, since the fields surrounding it fill to the brim with life and colour. Thanks to its historical and artistic assets, it’s been declared Bien Cultural de Interés Nacional (cultural goods of national interest).

This village is remarkable for being the place where Pablo Picasso lived his harshest years, leaving a significant mark in his subsequent art. Moreover, it has the Centro Picasso, to get to know more about the artist, the Ecomuseu dels Ports, a few antique buildings to visit, and even an olive tree that has lived since the time of the ancient Romans.


Anchored in the highest point of the territory, atop 250 metres tall cliffs, we can find Siurana. It's considered one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Spain, since its cobblestone streets and its houses are very well kept. It also has a fortress of Andalusi origin dated to the 9th century.

Right by its side is the Siurana reservoir, one of the most impressive landscapes of the peninsula. It's a fantastic lookout for those planning to do rock climbing, since many professionals of the sport take pleasure in ascending the calcite stone walls that surround the village.


Without leaving aside the Mussara mointains, we arrive to Prades. Right between the thick dense forests and the tallest point in the area, it's the ideal place for hiking trails. Prades is also known as the Vila Vermella (red village) due to the colour of the stones with which the antique area was built.

The natural environment is gorgeous, perfect for relaxation. Great part of the medieval walls remain standing, and the entirety of the village centre of Prades is considered artistic heritage of Catalonia. Also worth remarking is the Fiesta del Cava, a peculiar celebration at the end of summer where the fountain at the main square spots out this drink through its mouths.


Beach lovers will thoroughly enjoy Altafulla, one of the prettiest villages in Tarragona. It perfectly combines the tranquility of the seashore with a high quality tourist supply. It has the perfect beaches to spend the day and good restaurants where to taste the traditional food of Tarragona.

Altafulla is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the different monuments it has: a Roman village, a few medieval suburbs and many other architectural elements you can visit by simply walking down the street.


Right besides Altafulla is Tamarit, another seaside village that, thanks to its castle, can be considered one of the most beautiful villages in Tarragona. Because right by the sea we can find the remains of this fortified settlement that protected the population during many centuries.

Tamarit also has some of the best beaches in the Costa Daurada, with white and smooth sands, as well as tranquil waters. It’s practically a requirement to visit the walled medieval centre, know as Vila Closa, a historical ensemble dating back to the 9th century and that still remains in very good state.


For lovers of all medieval, Montblanc one of the better kept medieval villages in Tarragona. Its iconic walls, built in the 14th century, still protect all the houses in the interior of the village centre. Legends say that in Montblanc is where the epic battle between Sant Jordi and the dragon occurred.

What’s more, you also cannot miss the visit to the jewish neighbourhood and its narrow streets, as well as the church of Santa María la Mayor, a spectacular architectural masterpiece. By the end of April of every year the Montblanc Medieval Week is celebrated, an event you shouldn’t skip the chance to experience, especially for those wishing to relive this historical period, with jousting, medieval dinners and much more.


Miravet is a small village atop a hill, right beside the Ebro river and offering wonderful landscapes of the entire area. It’s one of the most beautiful villages in Tarragona if you want to explore the south, since it has splendid lookouts that will let you gaze almost the entire region.

In Miravet there are also the fantastical ruins of a Templar castle, as well as a very small historical area with a unique charm. It’s possible to acquire souvenir pottery, because this village is remarkable for having very famous artisans of pottery.


Another village at the south of Tarragona is Tivissa, with medieval style alleys that will transport you to long gone times. A calm and leisure stroll down its streets, along with all the panoramic of the natural environment, will make you see the Costa Daurada with different eyes.

In Tivissa a few churches and chapels are worth noting, dating between the 13th and the 19th century. They combine different styles, offering a curious and personal perspective for those interested in historical architecture. This village is perfect to spend some time in before visiting the Ebro Delta.

El Roc de Sant Gaietà

Rather than being one of the most beautiful villages in Tarragona, it’s a small neighbourhood in Roda de Berà. But its unusual beauty makes a visit to El Roc de Sant Gaietà an indispensable experience. And because this is a seaside neighbourhood built mid 20th century that combines different architectural styles.

From Romantic buildings, Arabic arches and even refreshing Andalusian patios, ideal for resting in the summer. Moreover, it’s equipped with several excellent restaurants and an ice cream parlour considered second best in the world. Without any doubt, a place you cannot miss during summer.